I’m Thankful for my Grands

With the season of Thanksgiving being here, I wanted to make sure I shared how thankful I am for the blessing of generations of grandparents I had the honor to meet. I’m 34 years old and have physically met my Great Great Grandmother, both Great Grandmothers, one Great Grandfather, both Grandmothers, and both Grandfathers. Most of my friends …

National Harbor Tree Lighting

National Harbor Those of you who know me, know that Christmas is my favorite holiday along with the 4th of July following closely behind. To combine the two is just magical! It’s not about the gifts for me, but about the season and the smells, the movies, the music, the people, the lights, etc. It …

Outside My Window

What more can  you ask for than to wake up with the sun penetrating through the leaves every morning to reveal the potent colors of fall. Right in my own back yard! Always puts a smile on my face!    

Bottle Designs

I made this bottle set for my sisters new place. I designed each individual bottle along with some of the bottle stoppers. Just another little something I like to do with my free time. I hope you like them!