Family means the world to me…



Top Row (left to right) – Brandon (my husband), his mom, his dad, my dad/Bottom Row – Me, my sister, my mom


My Creative side…

My happy place is art…just being able to create.  My parents have always allowed me to flow freely with my creativity while equipping me with the tools to do so, and I’m forever grateful for that. I can’t imagine having to hold my creative juices back and not being able to produce my visions. Art is life…and the act of being able to create is therapeutic, freeing and is one of the most beneficial aspects of my day-to-day routine. It helps relieve stress, allows me to day dream, and express myself.



Something I’ve lived by for quite some time is thatEverything Is A Picture“. One of my biggest passions in life is photography. To me, everyone is a photographer, we just develop our results differently. I believe we all take pictures with our eyes. For some, this is enough to hold on to a memory, but for me, being able to preserve those memories through my camera lens is what it’s all about. Not only are pictures used to capture and freeze a moment that you can never get back, but they tell stories. You can look at a picture and feel everything that happened as if you were reliving that moment all over again.

Thanks for doing life with me! I hope you enjoy what you see here and can be inspired among other things!



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